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Welcome to Easy CMO
Scientific Research Services
At Easy CMO, we’ve gained our knowledge over 10 years helping the world’s top pharma companies launch new therapeutics.
25 +

25 +

Successful Site Audit, Teva, Hikma, Lonza, Cipla, Sunpharma, Wuxiapp

100 +

100 +

Scientists, 50%+ with advanced degrees, average of 10 years of experience.

500 +

500 +

New compounds, Each year,Easy CMO synthesis 500 new compounds

8000 +

8000 +

Building Block, Keep Stock more than 80000 building stock

About Us

Easy CMO - Chemical Intermediates Manufacturer

Easy CMO is Shandong TOP100 CMO company. We believe: Easy CMO, Medicinal Chemical is Big. More than 100 scientists are serving you.

How Can We Help You?

Easy CMO is TOP in Clinical Phase II, III Intermediates, GMP Custom synthesis

API and Intermediates

GMP Intermediates, Site Audit is ok.

Fine Chemicals

ISO standard, Site Audit is ok.

Custom Synthesis

G-KG, we have TOP 9 skills.

Innovation in Action

Flow Chemistry, More than 100 steps of production projects, production scale was up to 500 kg.

Flow Chemistry

TOP in four-, five- and six-membered rings.

Chiral Synthesis

Multi-step synthesis from a few milligrams up to metric tons.

High-Pressure Chemistry

Optimizing production to save time, improve yield, and increase safety.

Happy With Customers & Clients

Delighting Customers, Building Relationships – Our Success is Measured in Smiles.

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