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Welcome to Easy CMO

Easy CMO was established in 2008 and received third-party venture capital worth $10 million in 2018.

Now, Easy CMO has one R&D, about 10㎡, in Jinan Life Science Park. One GMP standard plant in Shanghe country, National Biopharmaceutical Park. Approved by TEVA, HIKMA, CIPLA, SUNPHARMA, WUXIAPP, and some others.

Easy CMO has been working towards becoming the top CMO supplier globally since 2008. Easy CMO is ranked 35th among the top 100 pharmaceutical companies. Our company operates a mid-sized pharmaceutical business with over 100 branches and over 500 labs.

Easy CMO is a Leading provider of new drug intermediates, including clinical phase II and III intermediates, GMP custom synthesis, and DMF filling. Easy CMO holds a prominent position in the industry.

Every year, Easy CMO synthesizes over 500 fresh compounds, along with a stock of more than 30000 building blocks, and we boast a skillful delivery service that can provide orders on the same day for more than 100000 items.

In China, Easy CMO is a leading provider of intermediates for cancer, ophthalmology, neurological, rheumatism, and immunity treatments. Our intermediates are produced in-house at our GMP plant, and our site has passed audits for quality and safety. Our DMF is also approved.

Before 2023, Easy CMO had a research and development team of over 60 individuals, including 20 doctors and 40 masters. Most of the team members possessed over 10 years of experience in drug discovery.

Easy CMO has the TOP 9 skills in reaction: Flow Chemistry, Fluorination, Asymmetric, Chiral Synthesis, Hazardous, Low Temperature, High-Pressure Chemistry, Electrochemistry, and Photochemistry.




We got World TOP 100 Pharma, Hikma give me Good CMO award



Czech LIVQOR Pharmaceuticals, a global excellent intermediate supplier



Top Ten Foreign Trade Service Leading Enterprises in Shandong Province



Cooperative Unit of Shandong University School of Pharmacy



Top 100 Export Enterprises in Shandong Province

We help you invent the future

For over 10 years, Easy CMO has accumulated expertise in supporting the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies in introducing new therapeutic treatments.

Our Certified Team

We are the Best, and We give you the Best 

Li Bin PhD

Li Bin PhD

Served at Pfizer China more than 20 year 2015 Join Easy CMO

Zhang Chun Hui PhD

Served at Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica 20 years
2016 Join Easy CMO

Yao Xuefeng PhD

Served at Roche US/China R&D Center 10 years
2016 Join Easy CMO

Wang Zhenhua PhD

Served as Director of Process Chemistry at Agios, USA
2018 Join Easy CMO

Xu Yan PhD

Served at Wuxi App QA 10 years
2016 Join Easy CMO

Zhu Chuanpeng PhD

Served at Merck USA 20 years
2016 Join Easy CMO

Chai Dapeng PhD

Served at China Pharma University
2019 Join Easy CMO

Gu Bin PhD

Served at China Pharma University
2019 Join Easy CMO